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Why are so many people moving to Phoenix and what is the attraction? 8 months of great weather and temperatures is high on the list. Nice homes at affordable prices. Great economy and job market. The big surprise though is ... the desert.

Would you like to live in an area that has a lot to do, with plenty of sunshine, wildlife, and activities to enjoy? Then look no further than Phoenix, Arizona. Here are a few reasons why Phoenix will be a great place to live.

Discover The Phoenix desert

The desert around the Phoenix area actually has some pretty spectacular features, from the terrain to the plant life that include the forests of siguaro cactus as well as the hiking trails and horseback riding trails that weave through some of the area.

Phoenix Weather

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, you will not have to worry about any snow in your driveway or on a drive around downtown. Plus, it gets no lower than 45 degrees F in the winter, but it does get hot, up to daily highs of 106 in the summer months. Make sure to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion before you move here.

Phoenix Cuisine

Phoenix is home to many authentic Mexican cuisine dishes. The list of places to try include: Rito’s Mexican Food, Los Sombreros, Los Dos Molinos, Gallo Blanco, Chino Bandido, Barrio Cafe, La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop, Rokerij, and Los Reyes De La Torta, and much more. There are also plenty of drive-thrus if you do not want to go out of your car when it is hot out.

Phoenix Activities

The city itself has over 100 parks, thousands of acres of desert preserves, and hundreds of miles of trails. Folks can enjoy golfing, fishing, cycling, biking, rock climbing, and horseback riding. Great places include Dobbins Lookout, Cave Creek Regional Park, Mountains Park, and much more. There are also plenty of water parks and rivers.

Phoenix Sports

Phoenix is home to over a hundred golf courses and is a great place for sports. They host many professional teams. Such as The Diamondbacks for baseball, the Cardinals for football, the Suns for basketball, and the Coyotes for hockey. There also is a sizable NASCAR scene there if you enjoy that sport as well.

Transportation in Phoenix

Phoenix has surprisingly low traffic and is also very public transportation friendly. Including bike-friendly trails, and many miles of light rail. However, it does hold a spot in the top 5 red light traffic light violations in the country. Be sure to double-check both sides of the street once the light turns green.

Phoenix Has a Central Location

Phoenix rests in a very convenient location. You can be in San Diego, Mexico, or Las Vegas within hours. If you would like to visit less hot in places in Arizona, Flagstaff and Sedona are great choices to escape a bit of the heat.

Culture in Phoenix

Phoenix has many museums, art galleries, symphonies, and theater. Including Phoenix Symphony, the Arizona Opera, the Sea Life Aquarium, and the Mesa Arts Center. It also has a thriving downtown, filled with shops and vibrant art culture. It also has a botanical garden and a science center.

There are a few drawbacks, including the red-light traffic violations, thunderstorms at certain parts of the year, Valley Fever, and risks of heat-related illness in the hotter months. Crime is also rather prevalent, as it normally is in larger cities. Still, with the positive reasons listed here and more, Phoenix, Arizona and it's outlying suburbus can be a great place to live.

Ready to Make the Move to Phoenix?

With a headquarters in Idaho, and new locations opening in multiple nearby states, we have expanded our service to Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. Across Arizona, we specialize in full house moves and luxury homes.

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Where People Are Moving

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Where People Are Moving

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