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Stateside Movers provides out of state moving to or from Salt Lake City. Long distance moving, nationwide moving and always affordable rates. Call us today for award winning Salt Lake City moving.

If you are ready to move out of Salt Lake City, Utah to a nearby or distant state, then use Stateside Movers for your next move. Our moving professionals will help you with your move every step of the way. Our goal is five star service on every move.
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Salt Lake City Packing Services for an Out of State Move

We are the parent company of award-winning moving company Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers. Although we are based out of Idaho, due to our success in our local communities, we are expanding nationwide and now providing top level moving services across Greater Salt Lake and Park City, UT. In our reviews, many customers highlight our commitment to hard work, customer service, and professionalism. Although our niche is large to luxury sized homes, we perform other moves as well. Such as commercial and residential moves. We strive to provide a hassle-free move for you and your family. We understand that moving can be problematic and frustrating, which is why Stateside Movers guarantees you 5-star quality customer service heading to your new home.

Our goal is to create a fast, friendly, and efficient move for you and your family. Our staff is well-known for their characteristics of professionalism, hospitality, and dedication to customers. Each member of our team goes through an extensive background check and reference checklist. We make sure to hire only the best here at Stateside Movers. We also have extra moving services to make the move more convenient for our customers. Our most common service is our packaging service. With this, we will carefully package and box your items for you. We offer door and floor protection to keep your home free from dings and scratches.

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White Glove Salt Lake City Moving

One of the perks of using our moving services is our dedication to quick delivery. Most moving company competitors deliver your items to your door in a 3-4 week timeframe, sometimes it takes even longer. We guarantee to deliver your belongings to you in half that time or less. We average delivery time of just a week or less. You do not need to worry about sacrificing the quality of care for speed; we here at Stateside Movers guarantee your items will be scratch and damage-free throughout the entire move.

When it comes to transporting your items to your home, most moving companies use an 18-wheel semi-truck. Normally, these trucks stop at warehouses and unload your items, which are then put onto a different truck. This cycle increases risks of theft, loss, and damage to your items. For that reason and more, we do not feel warehouses are an effective business strategy. Once your items are on our truck, they stay on the truck. We also do not use semi-trucks. Although semi-trucks perform well on short moves, they do not fare well on longer routes. Poor weather, bad traffic conditions, and twisty roads greatly increases the chances of the trailer breaking off or becoming damaged. We here at Stateside Movers use box straights (aka straight trucks) which are statistically safer and faster compared to semi-trucks.

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Transparent Pricing For Salt Lake City Moves

Unlike many competitor moving companies, our prices are set from the beginning. No hidden or extra fees with our moving service. We abide by a strict code of ethics here at Stateside Movers, and we make sure to put the customer first. We also can save customers up to $2,000 a move (or even higher when going cross country) compared to national moving companies. We are able to cut costs due to our low overhead, efficient operations, and low-cost truck maintenance. All while moving your items in half the time.

With these reasons and more, Stateside Movers guarantees you 5-star quality customer service. If you are moving out of Salt Lake City, our exceptional attention to detail, safety, and hospitality will give you a stress-free move.

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