Moving Company With an A+ Rating from the BBB

At one time Stateside Movers LLC was a just a name that existed on paper, the full legal name of our DBAs ("doing business as") locations for Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers and Spokane Moving Systems.

We had no idea within just a few short years our success as a top level moving company would suddenly result in locations in four regions covering the Western and Rocky Mountain states. In 2020, with our nationwide reach from these four locations, we became a nationwide moving company, though we still retain the same hometown feel that our first locations were built around in addition to the personalized service and fast delivery times that are typically not seen with a major van line when going cross country.

Every market we move into our goal is to become the new hometown moving company. Delivering a level of service not commonly seen in the moving industry has helped set us apart as we strive to give folks a much higher quality move beyond their expectations of a moving company. The result has been a large wave of success and a growing number of five star reviews for each of our locations.

The cost of delivering this level of service has been enormous. Developing and providing a five star service (which means finding and recruiting higher caliber staff) while keeping rates affordable pushes our operating costs some weeks to the limit. While turning a profit is appreciated, it is only part of the reason we are in it to succeed.