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Stateside Movers provides interstate moving to or from St. George, UT. Long distance moving, nationwide moving and always affordable rates. Call us today for award winning St. George moving.

If you've ever moved before, you know that moving can be complex, frustrating, and sometimes painful work and then you end up with scratched up furniture, sometimes furniture you paid a lot of money for or even just an antique that's been in the family for a long time.

Moving doesn't have to be hard work. Turn to a professional moving company and relax while we come in and make moving look easy. For trained professional movers, it is. Not only that, but the risk of damaging furniture greatly decreases when you hire a company with a five star rating and proven service.

Attention to Detail Professional Moving

A hard fact about most moving companies is that most are relatively small, just the owner and a few helpers or friends he may have hired. A lot of times none of them have much experience, and so what you end up with is what's supposed to be a professional move but is really just some people who can handle the labor of moving but not with the precision it takes and expertise to work in multi-million dollar homes where everything in that home is worth thousands of dollars. That kind of move typically results in a few scratches, gouges, scuff marks around the base of wood furnishings, sometimes torn upholstery and even worse can happen.

We have raised the bar on what it means to be a professional moving company. Ken Wilson, the owner, personally studied the methods used by luxury home moving companies on the East Coast and then with his own goal of increasing the speed and efficiency of a move, developed a Nascar Pit Crew approach where a large team can tackle the complex task of wrapping a home and all its furnishings and racking up dozens of five star reviews at the same time.

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St George Long Distance Moving With a Fast Delivery Time

We are a personalized service and do not operate like the national van lines who ship multiple customers at a time. This means multiple warehouse transfers to get your items across the country on a long distance move. Every stop and transfer along the route increases your chances of loss, damage, or theft as often low paid dock workers are involved with those transfers. With us, we don't make any warehouse transfers and drive straight through from Point A to Point B with hotel stays along the route and a disk lock system that keeps the truck locked up overnight and secure.

St George Packing for a Long Distance Move

Packing your china, decor, and fragile glass is a lot of work and can take a home owner several weeks. We on the other hand will send in a large team and quickly pack a home in just hours. Not only that, but our professional methods of packing can greatly reduce the chance of any breakage happen along the route. Every bump in the road can shake items in a box, so that box needs to be packed a certain way so that nothing can move and everything is protected.

White Glove, Professional, Hard Working

We provide a five star service and white glove delivery. That means our team isn't in a rush to just dump your items in the home and leave. We're there to put all the boxes in the correct rooms and make sure all your furniture is assembled and placed where it needs to go.

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