Top Tips For Packing Your Home

Moving Tips

A move can be exhilarating, new, and filled with curiosity. Although filled with uncertainty, there’s always a feeling of excitement for change in scenery and environment. However, moves can also be stressful and nerve-wrecking. Moving, especially to a place far away, can feel a little scary. That is why it is important to think ahead and be prepared. Not only will it lessen the stress, but it may bring clarity to focus on other things regarding the move. Here in this article, we will provide tips for moving and packing your own home to help reduce moving stress.

The first step, although it may be tedious and emotionally difficult, is to get rid of anything that may be regarded as clutter. This may include old textbooks, old clothes, or any other possessions that do not have sentimental value or serve a future purpose. In turn, this will help lessen the need for more boxes and will help utilize more space in the moving truck and your new home.

Tips to Save Money On Your Long Distance Move

Another reason to consider donating a few items? On a long distance move a one truck move is cheaper than a two truck move.

We operate traditional 26' full size moving trucks. These are not semi-trucks with 53' trailers carrying multiple customers to different destinations (that's how the national van lines and their brokers opeerate).

Our service is much faster, much safer, and much more controlled. Here's why: These semi-trucks have to make warehouse transfers with short term storage and then transfers to another semi typically on a long distance move. Every warehouse / truck transfer increases the chance of damage or loss. That is how your items eventually make it across the country. This can sometimes take 2 - 5 weeks. Do you really want to wait that long for your household possessions to arrive at your new home?

With us, this is a personalized service, one customer on the truck(s), and it's a Point A to Point B delivery with no warehouse stops along the way. We will check into hotels as we follow the USDOT rules that limit actual driving hours per day, but your move will still get completed quickly, 3 - 7 days typically depending on how far you are going.

Packing Tips for a Local / Long Distance Move

Create a Moving Folder - Itemized To Do List

The next step, although some may not think of this, is to make a moving folder. Have a folder that includes moving information, such as new addresses, businesses, payment receipts, and contracts. Preferably, make a digital and physical copy, just in case the folder gets deleted in the computer, or the physical folder gets lost. One method would serve as a backup for the other. This will make the move run more easily because you will know where all your moving information is, reducing time wasted on having to look in different places.

If Doing Your Own Packing, Pack As Early As Possible

If doable, pack as early as possible. Start packing off-season items first, then things you would like to get rid of. Pack a little at a time if needed. Every little bit helps, even if it is only a box or two at a time. The box of things you do not need can perhaps be donated in the meantime. While the seasonal items will be all ready to go onto the moving truck. Finally, when the time comes, you will not have to worry about not packing in time.

Book movers in as early as possible, this may also include getting extra boxes or renting moving supplies. That way you do not need to worry about having a shortage of movers, especially if it is peak moving season.

Schedule utilities once you have the move-in date set. Keep the payment receipts in your moving folder. This may not seem like a big deal, but you do not want to risk coming to your new home and realizing you are without water, heat, or electricity. Also, make sure to turn off your old house’s utilities.

Other tips include keeping essential items with you, such as your kids' favorite stuffed animals, hygiene items, moving paperwork, and daily medications/supplements. Finally, double-check that the truck is big enough for all of your items, and it has a loading ramp.

Packing Tips for Moving

Use the right-sized boxes, this may not seem like a big deal, but it will help utilize boxes effectively. Put blankets and pillows in large boxes, and small, heavy items in smaller boxes. Grouping together heavy small items into a large box increases the likelihood of the box breaking and being too heavy to carry around.

Another tip is to put heavy items on the bottom of the box, and lighter items on top. That way the box’s weight will be more balanced and it will have less of a chance of falling over. It is also recommended to place heavier items toward the front of the truck, to keep the truck weight balanced.

A good recommendation would be to make sure there is no space left in the boxes after filling them. Although a little space is ok, leaving too much space reduces the effectiveness of the box. In turn, this may cause more boxes to be used than are necessary. This will increase the unpacking time, as well as the possibility of running out of boxes.

Another good recommendation to heed is to pack boxes according to their respective places in the house. For instance, living room items should be in their own boxes, and not mixed up with other rooms. Mixing kitchen and living room items together will make unpacking more time-consuming and confusing. Although packing will be quicker this way, it is not worth the tradeoff.

A good tip is to not only label boxes but to put in a few descriptions of them as well. For instance, you may want to put “Bedroom-Sandra’s-Books”. To help differentiate what they are, and where in the new house they will go. This will save a lot of time as either you or the movers know where to place the boxes when you arrive at your new home.

Another important tip is to make sure boxes are taped well. This will decrease the likelihood of boxes buckling and breaking. Make sure both top and bottom of boxes are taped, and added tape may be necessary if the boxes are heavy. It may also be a good idea to tape around the edges or corners if needed, depending on which direction the weight is concentrated.

If you have fragile items, such as artwork and china, make sure to put bubble wrap over them. If you have frames or mirrors, make sure to mark an X over it with masking tape to decrease the risk of shattering. Put a piece of cardboard between each piece for added protection. Also, it is not wise to pack oil paintings in a box with regular paper, as the painting may stick. Do not forget to label the box as “fragile” so the movers will not forget to handle the box more carefully.

Try to add packing paper in between dishes if possible. Always place the dishes on their sides with paper in between each. Bowls and cups are ok to pack onto one other, just make sure to have a piece of packing paper between each. Also, make sure to add packing paper on top of the box and below, for extra padding. Place them in dish-barrel boxes.

Finally, set time to decide which items need special treatment and delivery instructions. Such as furniture and plasma TVs. Plasma TVs require special wooden crates for moving if you do not have the original box. Try not to lay them flat if possible. LED TVs and every other TV can be packed in a box, but make sure to double box and add packing paper as necessary.

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