Top States People Are Moving From In 2020

For this list, we will be addressing the states with a little more than half of the population (55%) leaving their state. Although we all typically have a few things we love about our current state we are in, quite a few Americans would like to leave their respective home territories. While each reason may vary from person to person, a few of the most common reasons are lack of job opportunities and expensive cost of living. The top states people are leaving are New York (62.7%) ,West Virginia (62.5%), South Dakota (61.7%), Illinois (61.4%), Louisiana (59.6%), Kansas (58.7%), New Jersey (57.9%), Ohio (56.5%), Connecticut (56%), Iowa (55.5%), Michigan (55%) and Montana (55%). Although California’s rate of outsourced migration is (54.4%), we will include it on this list due to its proximity to our 55% threshold. These percentages represent the total number of moves that were out-of-state.

New York (62.7%)

New York (62.7%) A mix of blistering cold winters towards the north, one of the highest tax rates in the country, and lack of job opportunities in the rural areas were among the reasons people chose to leave The Empire State. On top of that, the state has high costs of living and high tax rates. Although there is plenty to see and do in this state, many people are feeling that the costs outweigh the benefits. In fact, a study done by Bloomberg Magazine has found that around 300 people choose to move out of New York City every day.

West Virginia (62.5%)

Although West Virginia’s outward migration average was lower a few years ago, residents are continuing to leave. High unemployment, lack of business opportunities, and the opioid crisis have greatly contributed to this. The opioid crisis hit West Virginia harder than any other state. Consequently making it more difficult to add jobs, and raising employee health insurance policies. Although this state has wonderful landscapes, many people are leaving for a fresh start.

South Dakota (61.7%)

Many younger people are leaving South Dakota in droves in what has been termed “brain drain.” According to USA Today, South Dakota is seeing an exodus of many educated and trained bachelor degree holders. According to interviews, the main reason for this is the lack of cultural diversity and lack of interaction with different languages and ideas. The South Dakota economy is also stagnant and sluggish, adding to residents leaving.

Illinois (61.4%)

Illinois has been seeing a reduction in their population for the 5th straight year in a row. Lack of job opportunities, high cost of living, and taxes are to blame for many people moving to other states. Many former residents say that the quality of life for them was subpar, and the weather, as well as ineffective and corrupt government, may also contribute to this mass exodus of working-age adults.

Louisiana (59.6%)

Although Louisiana is full of culture and history, many people are leaving the state. Most people cite the reasons for being the job market and low-paying wages. Former residents say that jobs are hard to come by, and the jobs that are available, pay lower compared to other states.

Kansas (58.7%)

Much like Louisiana, people are leaving Kansas for its lack of jobs. In turn, this is leaving Kansas with a labor shortage. Although Kansas is making an effort to make skills-training and jobs more accessible, it is having difficulty keeping people in the state.

New Jersey (57.9%)

The top reasons people left the Garden State were because of a lack of jobs and retirement. Folks that lived here say that property taxes and cost of living are too high to comfortably retire in. Others are saying it is difficult to find job opportunities in the areas they reside in.

Ohio (56.5%)

Desire for warmer weather and more job opportunities are the two most common reasons for people to leave Ohio. Unstable job markets are causing work-aged adults to leave, while retirees often want to retire in warmer weather, such as Arizona or Texas.

Connecticut (56%)

Like Ohio above, many people are leaving Connecticut because of a small number of available jobs, retirement, and moving for family and lifestyle, respectively. Lack of jobs and retirement make up more than half of the reasons for leaving. More than 60% of people surveyed say they are leaving because of the lack of available jobs, as well as leaving for better states for their retirement.

Iowa (55.5%)

Many residents left the state for job relocation. A minority polled also stated that they left because of increased housing costs, the rising cost of living, and family. Another factor that plays in is retirement, as many in the baby boomer generation are looking for different states to settle in. In fact, the state currently ranks a low 30th out of the 50 states in population growth. However, according to a recent study by PR Newswire and United Van Lines, the state is starting to see a trend towards more inward migration.

Michigan (55%)

The main reason for Michigan’s troubles is the lack of immigration from other states, and the death rate far surpasses the birth rate. On top of that, the majority of people leaving are job seekers looking for opportunities in other states. However, according to Michigan’s nonprofit news source Bridgemi, growth is steadily rising, albeit slowly.

Montana (55%)

The main reason people leave Montana is for family, followed by retirement, jobs, and attitude based on income. Although more people are moving into the state for jobs than moving out, around 20% move out to seek better job opportunities. 1075zoofm, a commercial radio station in Montana, states that 30% of people who make above $150,000 a year move out of the state.

California (54.4)

High taxes, high cost of living, and high housing costs are all reasons people are leaving California. According to a study done by UC Berkeley, around half of voters consider leaving the state. Due to a lack of resources for drug issues and high housing and rent, the Golden State’s homeless population has increased drastically. Corrupt city and state government, traffic congestion, and bipartisan division have also contributed to people leaving the state. Between 2015 to 2017, California had a loss of between 129,000 and 143,000 people to other states. The trend of more people leaving than coming in has been consistent for about two decades.

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