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Scottsdale has a reputation as a destination for snowbirds. That’s true, but it’s just part of the story. Scottsdale draws in seasonal and permanent residents from all over the country. With its strong economic climate, amazing weather, and plenty of things to do, it’s easy to see why people move to Scottsdale.

If you are thinking of making a move to the Southwest, consider choosing Scottsdale. Young workers, retirees, and everyone in between call this city home. Here are 15 reasons to move to Scottsdale, AZ:

1. Endless sunshine

It’s hard to think of Arizona without thinking of the sun. Scottsdale sees 299 sunny days annually. All those blue skies make it easy to get outside to explore the city, visit with friends, or take advantage of the many outdoor recreational activities Scottsdale offers.

2. Idyllic weather:

Glorious weather goes hand-in-hand with all that sunshine. Summer temperatures are quite hot, of course, ranging from 80 to 100 degrees in the summer, but everything is air-conditioned here. It’s worth the trade-off for winter days that are 70 degrees. You will never feel stuck in your house because of the ice or snow in Scottsdale.

3. Golf courses galore:

Scottsdale has a reputation as the World’s Finest Golf Destination, and it is well-deserved. The city is home to 53 golf courses, not to mention the many more in the greater Scottsdale area. Scottsdale experiences almost 300 days of sun each year, so golf lovers will have plenty of opportunities to try every course.

4. Snowbirds are everywhere:

Scottsdale has many year-round residents, but it is also home to many snowbirds who maintain a second home here. If you are a retiree looking for a winter home, you will find a great community of snowbirds here.

5. It’s not just for retirees: Scottsdale is full of families. With its highly ranked schools and plenty of outdoor activities, Scottsdale attracts plenty of younger residents.

6. Spring training for baseball:

Baseball lovers will enjoy the chance to watch the teams during their spring training. Scottsdale is home to two spring training stadiums: Scottsdale Stadium, spring home of the San Francisco Giants, and Salt River Fields, spring home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. All 15 teams that train in Arizona pass through the stadiums, so you’ll have a chance to see many teams play.

7. Shop ‘til you drop:

Scottsdale has multiple shopping districts just waiting for you. Some of its more popular shopping destinations Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland Commons in north Scottsdale as well as Scottsdale Fashion Square and many small gift shops and Native American jewelry stores.

8. Visit Scottsdale Old Town:

The Old Town section of Scottsdale is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Spend the day browsing through its many shops or pop in for a bite at your choice of restaurants. Old Town also houses the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

9. Cultural opportunities:

Scottsdale has a variety of museums and other cultural attractions. Take in a show at the Center for the Performing Arts or visit the Museum of the West or the Fiesta Bowl Museum.

10. Thriving art scene:

Scottsdale is known as a top city for art. It’s home to more than 125 local art galleries and studios. Check them out during Scottsdale’s weekly ArtWalk, a free event showcasing the local art scene. The city also hosts the annual Scottsdale Art Festival, a weekend-long art celebration featuring artists, live concerts, food vendors, and more.

11. Impressive film festival:

In addition to its art scene, Scottsdale hosts the Scottsdale International Film Festival. The Harkins Theater hosts the event, which features many independent and critically acclaimed films.

12. Strike a pose:

Or just watch someone else strike a pose at Scottsdale’s Fashion Week. More and more designers, from department store lines to higher-end designers, are choosing to showcase their new clothes on the runway here.

13. The great outdoors:

Visit the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, a desert preserve that’s 30,000 acres. It is free to park and visit and offers 225 miles of trails. The scientists here work on many projects related to the conservation of native species, ecological restoration, control of invasive species, and more.

14. Take a hike:

You don’t have to go to a nature preserve to hike in Scottsdale. The city has 45 miles of paved paths for walking and biking, plus another 115 miles of non-motorized trails. You could take a different walk every day and never be bored.

15. Job opportunities:

Scottsdale has a strong business environment. Tourism industries such as hotels and spas do well here. Health care, medical research, and technology are other prominent Scottsdale industries.

These are just the top 15 reasons to move to Scottsdale, but there are so many more. With perfect weather, plenty of things to do, great schools, and more, Scottsdale is a great destination.

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