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During these unprecedented times, most folks are thinking about getting away from the busy city life. Crowded and congested areas are hot spots not only for COVID-19, but the seasonal flu and colds as well. If you are thinking of moving to Texas specifically, here are the top 10 best places to move to during Covid-19 in the Lone Star State. We have selected data from an interactive map (at the time of this writing) developed by John Hopkins University, which gives us real-time data of how many cases there are per Texas county.

Loving County- 0 cases 0 deaths

Situated west right on the corner of New Mexico, Loving County has a population of about 170 people. Loving County is the perfect spot for those looking to get away from Covid and other widespread illnesses. It sits in a great geographic location, with El Paso and Mexico being just over a 3 hour drive away. It is also Close to Carlsbad, with Carlsbad National Park being just over an hour away. There is plenty of cuisine to choose from, from Pody’s BBQ to Main Street Cafe. Most of the economy is based on oil, gas drilling, ranching, and county services. It also has a very active political voting culture, with members of the community encouraging all to vote. With 700 square miles, Loving County is the ideal spot for those wanting to build or buy affordable land. Nearby median house prices for this area are just under $200,000.

King County- 0 cases 0 deaths

King County is located in North Texas just below Oklahoma and northwest of Dallas. With a population of a little under 300 people, King County is very community orientated. It is home to the historic 6666 Ranch with a rich history. There is almost 1,000 square miles and is known for its beef industry. Oil production is also a popular business here, and popular agriculture includes corn and other farm crops. King County has a lot of farmland that will make it ideal for a ranch. The median home value is about $667,000.

Borden County- 0 cases 0 deaths

Borden County is located in western Texas, a little under 2 hours away from the New Mexico border. The population here is a little under 1,000 with about 900 square miles of land. It is home to one of the best public school systems in Texas. It serves grades K-12th and has many choices of sports to choose from. It is home to Borden County Museum with pictures and artifacts of its pioneer history. It also has many comfort food restaurants, including Blue Paw Cafe, Ol' Joe's Cafe, and Coyote Country Store. The county is unbelievably affordable, with median home values of a little over $100,000.

Terrell County- 3 cases 0 deaths

Terrell County is located in southwest Texas bordering the Coahuila region of Mexico. With a population of about 1,000 people and bordering 2,300 square miles of land, there are plenty of things to do and see in Terrell. There are 3 major highways that run through, and there are plenty of opportunities for business and land development. It is home to Terrell Heritage Museum and Ben Gill Park. It also has the beautiful Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River. It is also the setting of the book and film adaption of No Country for Old Men. It has The Ranch House for BBQ and Tin Cup Cafe which is a popular burger joint. The home value around the area is a very affordable $136,000.

Sterling County- 4 cases 0 deaths

Sterling County has a population of a little over 1,200 people and land coverage of about 1,000 square miles. Sterling has a rich ranching history and the U Ranch Legacy originated here. Just under an hour away, Riverwalk San Angelo has a lot of wildlife and is a perfect spot to walk the banks of the river. There is also a recreation center that has ATV rentals and tours. It is also close to San Angelo State Park. There are also many restaurants to choose from. Including Dark Horse BBQ & Grill, Rangel's Restaurant, and The Windmill City Cafe. Home values around this area are a very respectable $136,000.

Throckmorton County- 6 cases 2 deaths

Throckmorton County is in Northcentral Texas and has about 1,500 residents with land spanning about 900 square miles. Based on records, what is now Throckmorton County was discovered by Spanish explorer Pedro Vial in 1786. Since then, Throckmorton County has been a staple of Texan history. Things to explore include Seymour City Park, Fort Griffin State Historic Park, and Ranger Canyon Tank Dam. Popular restaurants include Country Cafe, Fowler's Restaurant and Catering, and Pizza Pro. Home values in the area are only about $104,000.

Motley County- 7 cases 0 deaths

Motley County is located in Northcentral Texas and has a population of about 1,200 people with 1,000 square acres of dry land. Motley has two major highways going through and has many historic murals. It houses The Motley County Historical Museum, and many historical Texas landmarks, such as Matador's First State Bank, Matador Murals, and the historic Motley County Jail. Popular restaurants with the locals include Main Street Cafe, JBs BBQ, and Galvan's Restaurant. The housing prices around there are about $150,000 on average.

Kent County- 7 cases 0 deaths

Kent County resides in Northcentral Texas. It has a population of about 800 people and it spans about 900 square miles. It is close to three major highways and is a large exporter of oil. Making it a perfect spot for oil ventures. There is also plenty of land to build or buy a ranch, or farm for crop production. Popular restaurant destinations include Boots Spurs, Dixie Dog, and Lupita's Restaurante. The median home value is an affordable $150,000.

Kenedy County- 7 cases 1 death

Kenedy County is located in Southcentral Texas near the border of Mexico. The population is about 500 people with an area of 2,000 square miles. It is close to US Highway 77 And Interstate 69E. It is home to Padre Island East Shore which is federally protected. Folks often go to this destination for camping or for ATV renting and touring. It also has Joe Gulley Park, Tony Merritt Amusement Park, and plenty of restaurants. Restaurants that residents often frequent are Baffin Bay Seafood Co., Kings Inn, and Sweet Gregory P's Smokehouse and Grill. Kenedy County is perfect for those who would like to be around a lot of land but also be near a coastline. The median home value it's only about $100,000 for this very Scenic area.

Foard County- 8 cases 0 deaths

Ford County Is located in Northcentral Texas near the border of Oklahoma with a population of a little over 1,000 people and an area ranging about 700 square miles. It is only about a three-hour drive to Dallas-Fort Worth. Ford County is known for its many hunting opportunities and County attractions. Most common are Copper Breaks State Park and the Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus. Restaurants include Taters, The Dairy Bar, The Pizza Place, and The Fox and Hare Public House. The median home value is a quite affordable $100,000.

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Texas specifically: Map: Texas Coronaviru Cases

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