Top 10 Best Places to Move to in Arizona During Covid-19

To many Americans, the year 2020 is considered to be a year full of uncertainty and fear. Covid-19 has impacted all levels of society and all reaches of government. Big metropolitan areas, such as New York and Los Angeles have been hit, but there are smaller cities that have seen major outbreaks as well.

Such as Huntsville, Texas and Farmington, Missouri (at the time of this writing). Although Covid-19 is very contiguous, proper precautions will help drastically reduce the possibility for infection. One big precaution is moving to an area with no or low Covid-19 infection rates. In our list, we will name the Top 10 Best Places to Move to in Arizona During Covid-19. We have selected data from an interactive map developed by John Hopkins University, which gives us real-time data of how many cases there are per Arizona county.

1. Greenlee County- 59 cases 2 deaths

Greenlee County is located in southeastern Arizona and has a population of about 10,000 people and has about 1,900 square miles of land. Due to its small-town population and location, it is perfect for outdoor activities. Such as exploring Apache National Forest and experiencing camping, fishing, or nature watching, or visiting the Greenlee County Historical Museum. Greenlee has plenty of parks, rivers, and is close to 3 major highways, making it a perfect spot for travel. Popular restaurants include GiMees Restaurant, El Corralito, and The Ranch House. The median home value in this area is a very affordable $91,000.

2. La Paz County- 548 cases 15 deaths

La Paz, which is Spanish for “The Peace, is a county situated in the western part of the state, bordering California. The population is a little over 20,000 people, and it spans an impressive 4,500 square miles. Many outdoor recreation folks enjoy River Island State Park, Buckskin Mountain State Park, and Alamo Lake State Park. Where folks can hike, fish, and go on nature walks. It also has Ahakhav Tribal Preserve, Celia's Garden, and the Arizona Peace Trail, which has off-roading rentals and plenty of trails. Popular restaurants with locals include Crossroads Cafe, Mi Tierra, and JA Johnny’s Café. It is also in a great location as well, being less than a 5-hour drive away to Los Angeles and San Diego. The median home value here is about $192,000.

3. Graham County- 877 cases 25 deaths

Graham County is located in the southeastern part of the state. It has a population of about 40,000 people and spans about 4,700 square miles. It has Roper Lake State Park which is perfect for fishing, picnicking, and camping. It also is home to Mount Graham, which is a scenic mountain offering spectacular views of the landscape below, it also has an observatory there as well. Graham County has plenty of nature offerings and many rivers, lakes, trails, and mountains to bike, hike, and nature walks. It also has about 4 major highways that run through the county. Popular restaurant destinations include Nana's Kitchenette, The Main Street Bean, and Branding Iron Steakhouse. Median home values are about $190,000.

4. Gila County- 1,444 cases and 60 deaths

Gilia County resides in the central part of Arizona. It has a population of about 54,000 people and it has almost 5,000 square miles of land. Making it ideal for those who would like to live in an area with plenty of acres to offer. Top sights and things to do include visiting Theodore Roosevelt Lake, Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, and Salt River Canyon Wilderness Area. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, camping, rafting, and nature walking through the various parks and mountains that Gila has to offer. It is also in a great geographic location. It is home to 6 major highways and 2 airports. Restaurant destinations include The Copper Hen, El Ranchito, and Copper Bistro. The median home value is about $252,000.

5. Cochise County- 1,922 cases and 73 deaths

Cochise County is located in the southeastern part of the state, bordering Mexico and New Mexico. Cochise County has about 126,000 residents and spans a little over 6,000 square miles. There are many top sights in Cochise County. Including Chiricahua National Monument Park, Kartchner Caverns State Park, and The Bird Cage Theatre, which offer tours of the 1800s era theatre. It also has an old west museum called Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park, and O.K. Corral, which features old wild west reenactments. Popular restaurant destinations for tourists and residents alike include Sandy's Restaurant & RV PARK, Talking Irons Coffee Saloon, and Stronghold Cafe. The median home value is a very respectable $170,000.

6. Santa Cruz County- 2,881 cases and 63 deaths

Santa Cruz County is located in the southern part of the state and has a population of about 50,000 people and spans about 1,300 square miles of land. Santa Cruz County is full of local history, including Tumacácori National Historical Park, which has a museum and Jesuit missions. It also has an observatory, wine and beer tasting destinations. It is also home to Patagonia Lake State Park, which is perfect for nature walking and freshwater fishing. Sought out restaurants in the area include Abe's Old Tumacacori Bar, Joe's Place, and Manny's Cowboy Burgers. The median home value is an affordable $170,000.

7. Yavapai County-2,609 cases and 84 deaths

Yavapai County Is in west central Arizona with a population of about 235,000 people and has about 8,000 square miles of area. It has a great transportation system with 10 major highways. It also has almost 20 wilderness areas, as well as 7 nationally protected forests and monuments. Things to do and explore include Montezuma Castle National Monument, beautiful hiking in Red Rock State Park, and visiting the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. There is no shortage of nature walking and sightseeing here in Yavapai county. Popular restaurants with the local population include Iron Horse Grille, Papa's Italian Restaurant, and Taqueria Guadalajara. The median home value in the area is about $232,000.

8. Apache County- 3,579 cases and 165 deaths

Apache County is located in the northeastern part of the state, bordering New Mexico and Utah. It has about 72,000 people and has an area mass of about 11,000 miles. Apache County has 4 nationally protected parks and monuments, and an Indian reservation that spans about 7,500 or so miles. Top sightseeing includes Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Hubbell Trading Post, which is a historic trading post full of Navajo arts and crafts. It also has Big Lake, Spider Rock, and Lyman Lake State Park. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, camping, hiking, and exploring. Popular restaurants include Goob's Pizza, Avery's, and Trailriders Family Restaurant & Bar. The median home value in this area is about $190,000.

9. Mohave County- 4,048 and 229 deaths

Mohave County is located in the northwestern corner of the state bordering California and Nevada. It has a population of about 200,000 and an area spanning a little over 13,000 miles. Like Yavapai County, Mohave is home to many wilderness areas and parks. It has 18 wilderness locations, along with 7 nationally protected forests, parks, and monuments. Destinations for sightseeing include visiting the world-famous Grand Canyon, the Toroweap Overlook with awe-inspiring views, and Pipe Spring National Monument, which is a historical monument full of forts and gardens. It is also only a 2 hour drive to Las Vegas, Nevada. Popular restaurants include Los Amigos, Pancho Villas, and Valdez Mexican Grill. The median home value is $265,000.

10. Coconino County- 4,263 and 144 deaths

Coconino County resides in northern Arizona bordering Utah. It has a population of about 125,000 residents and stretches about 19,000 miles of land. It is home to 5 Indian reservations, as well as 10 federally protected monuments and parks. It is also a major highway junction, containing 16 highways and 2 airports. It also has 2 rail systems as well. Popular attractions include Antelope Canyon, which is a geological sandstone formation, Grand Canyon Village which is perfect for tourism, and Meteor Crater Natural Landmark, which features a gigantic meteor impact and a museum. Folks can also enjoy hiking, swimming, and fishing at Oak Creek Canyon. Or visiting the stunning Havasu Falls. Popular restaurants with residents and tourists alike include Pizzicletta, Josephine's Modern American Bistro, and Tinderbox Kitchen. Median house prices here are about $370,000.

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