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Utah has been known as a state with scenic landscapes along with its over 40 state parks, 5 national parks, and great diversity in its terrain. From mountains to lakes, to red rocks and to desert, Utah has many natural wonders to explore. Not only that, but Utah also has a rapidly growing economy, consistently being ranked in the top 10. Utah is also known for its great standard of living and is often ranked high in healthcare and education. In fact, US News ranked Utah at number 4 on its best states to live in. Not to mention, it is considered one of the safest states in the country. In our list, we will name the Top Ten Best Places to Live in Utah.

Logan, Utah

Logan is a town located in northern Utah, about 82 miles north of Salt Lake City. The population is about 50,000 people, and it spans about 18 square miles of land. Logan is the perfect spot for those who do not mind colder winters. Things to see and do include visiting Willow Park, touring and hiking across the Logan Canyon, or visiting the Logan Tabernacle or Temple. There are countless opportunities for snowmobiling, rock climbing, and skiing. It is also home to Cache Valley Fun Park, a theatre, and a town orchestra. Logan also has a very highly respected educational system, being home to Utah State University. It has been ranked by CNN Money as one of the best places to retire and listed as number 10 on Forbes's best towns for small businesses. Winter lows hit about 13 degrees in January, and summer highs reach about 90 degrees. The median home value is a quite affordable $255,000.

Ogden, Utah

Ogden is located in northern Utah about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City. The city has about 90,000 residents and it covers an area of about 28 square miles. Folks can visit Historic 25th Street and see Ogden’s rich history, visit Union Station and explore its museums, or spend a day at Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park. Things to do include exploring Great Trails, which gives folks many hiking opportunities. Many people also find adventure in Invert Sports, which offers many fun activities on the lake, as well as luxury vacation home rentals. It is also home to the renowned Ziegfeld Theater, which hosts many plays and musicals throughout the year. Ogden is also the birthplace of many notable celebrities, such as The Osmonds. Events throughout the year include seasonal farmer markets, the Ogden Twilight Concert Series, Historic 25th Street Car Show, and The Ogden Film Festival. Average lows are about 21 degrees in January and hit highs of about 106 in July. Median home values are a respectable $250,000.

Kaysville, Utah

Kaysville is located in northern Utah just outside of Ogden. The population is about 35,000 people and spans about 11 miles of land. Things residents often enjoy include visiting the beautiful and tranquil Utah Botanical Center or spending a day at Cherry Hill, which offers countless activities for the whole family. It includes an amusement park, a recreation area, and a campsite. Folks can also visit Adams Canyon Trail, and explore its many trails and its scenic waterfall. Kaysville is perfect for folks who like to live outside of a city in a quaint area. The median home value is about $450,000.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Situated toward northern Utah, Salt Lake City is the most populated city as well as the capital of Utah. Although the metropolitan area has over 1,000,000 people, Salt Lake itself has about 200,000 residents and spans across 110.81 square miles. Salt Lake City has an endless supply of entertainment and sightseeing for the whole family. It has museums, an aquarium, a zoo, and many parks. It also has plenty of historic monuments and buildings highlighting the city’s lengthy Mormon history. Recreational activities include walking the trails or hiking the scenic Red Butte Gardens and Canyons.

If you would like to fish or kayak, then the Great Salt Lake would be an ideal destination. Salt Lake City is known for its abundance of performing arts centers and cinema. Downtown has over 20 art galleries and antique shops alone. There are also plenty of shopping areas and a variety of different cuisine at its many restaurants. Salt Lake is also a sports haven, being home to many college-level sports teams. If you would like a city with an endless array of activities, then Salt Lake City is for you. Winter lows are about 27 degrees in January, with summer highs reaching 90 degrees in July. The median home value here is about $440,000.

St. George, Utah

St. George is located in southwestern Utah at the opposite end of the state in the corner in between Nevada and Arizona. The local population is about 90,000 people and has about 80 square miles of what many consider breathtaking vistas. St. George has many opportunities for world class sightseeing and recreation, with multiple internationally known national parks within a short drive of the city. Two of the lesser known parks but located adjacent to St. George are Snow Canyon State Park and Sand Hollow State Park. Pioneer Park is also located in town, which is a perfect spot for BBQs and for hiking. Sand Hollow Reservoir located at Sand Hollow State Park and Quail Creek State Park located nearby are both ideal destinations for those who love to boat and fish and swim the warm waters during the summer months.

St. George is home to the Tuacahn Center For the Arts and a wildlife and dinosaur museum. St. George has a growing economy and is the current headquarters for Skywest Airlines. In fact, St. George was ranked as the 8th fastest growing city in America. It also has been ranked as one of the best cities for small businesses by Forbes, as well as one of the safest cities in the western U.S. It also has many parks and award-winning golf courses in and just outside of St. George. The average low is a bit milder compared to other parts of Utah, with a low in January of about 31 degrees, and highs in July of about 101 degrees. The median home value here is about $345,000.

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Sandy, Utah

Sandy is located in northern Utah outside the city of Salt Lake. The population is about 90,000 people spanning about 25 square miles. Sandy is perfect for folks who would like to have a major metropolitan area, mountains, and outdoor recreation all within reach. Things to see include the annual summer Balloon Festival, Movies in the Park, or explore the town’s rich Jordan Commons district. Entertainment spots include the Rio Tinto Stadium and the Sandy Amphitheater, as well as plenty of arcade and movie theater spots. It also has skiing opportunities as well as plenty of restaurants. January lows are about 22 degrees, with summer highs in July reaching about 95 degrees. The median home value is about $460,000.

Highland, Utah

Highland is situated in northern Utah about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. The population is about 20,000 and the area is about 9 square miles. Highland is a perfect small town that is conveniently located near a major metropolitan area. Things to do include hiking and camping in the American Fork Canyon along the beautiful Wasatch Mountains or taking a stroll in Heritage Park. It also has a birding company, a popular Alpine Country Club for golfers, and an aquarium. January lows are about 28 degrees, with summer July highs of a very warm 94 degrees. The median home value for this scenic town is about $680,000.

Heber City, Utah

Heber City is about 45 miles southeast of Salt Lake City near the Uinta-Wasatch- Cache National Forest. Things to do include riding on Heber Valley Historic Railroad, or playing golf or winter sports in Wasatch Mountain State Park. It is also home to Deer Creek Reservoir, making it an ideal destination for fishing, kayaking, and boating during the spring and summer months. It is also home to the CAF Utah Wing WWII Aviation Museum, as well as the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum. It also has many parks and sightseeing for the whole family to enjoy. Heber City also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire state of Utah. It also has a year-round tourism industry due to its abundance of outdoor recreational activities. It does to get a bit chilly in the winter, with January lows of about 9 degrees, and summer highs of a warm 88 degrees in July. The median home value here is about 475,000.

Provo, Utah

Provo is located 45 miles south of Salt Lake City inbetween Utah Lake and Provo Peak. Provo has a population of about 120,000 people and spans across 44 square miles. Provo is famous for its balance of countryside scenery along with captivating mountain peaks toward the east. It has many activities and sightseeing opportunities for folks to enjoy. Brigham Young University, located in Provo, has many museums. Including a museum on life science, paleontology, art, and peoples and cultures.

It has the famous Utah State Hospital Museum, as well as being in close proximity to the Wasatch Mountains. The mountains are perfect for nature walks, hiking, and camping. It also has a symphony, a performing arts center, a music gallery, a planetarium, and much more. It also has many outdoor recreational options as well. Including visiting the Bridal Veil Falls and Provo Canyon, or exploring the wildlife at Mount Timpanogos. The average winter low is about 22 degrees in January, with summer July highs of about 94 degrees. The median home value here is about $330,000.

Cedar City, Utah

Cedar City is located in southwestern Utah, in between the borders of Nevada and Arizona. The population has about 35,000 people and runs across 36 square miles of land. There are many indoor and outdoor activities for folks to enjoy. Such as visiting the Garth & Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History, the Southern Utah Museum of Art, and the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum. Outdoor recreation includes visiting the beautiful and awe- inspiring Zion National Park. Where travelers and residents alike spend time hiking, biking, and exploring the various mountains, canyons, buttes, and rivers. It also has a great array of animal diversity being home to over 400 different species of animals. It also has a popular winery with a wine tasting room, and Park Discovery, which is perfect for picnics and has an amphitheater. January winter lows have an average of about 22 degrees and July summer highs of about 90 degrees. The median home value is about $215,000.

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