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AT THE TIME OF THIS WRITING -- Covid-19 has impacted us all one way or another. From family and friends becoming ill to business closures, to economic uncertainty. However, the virus has opened up unprecedented levels of community support and comfort in this dire time of need. If you would like to move to a state that has low Covid-19 rates and is being handled quite well by the population, state, and local governments, then look no further than our list below.

With the most recent findings as of 7-5-2020, New York and Rhode Island have made the strongest progress on reopening. They are the only states that achieved 4 out 5 of the reopening goals. New York and Rhode Island being included, a few other states have seen a drop in cases as well. These include Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and Wisconsin. They all have one of the nation’s most significant drops in Covid-19 cases. However, these states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and Wisconsin) have not made significant progress on reopening goals. Therefore, they are not up to the standards that New York and Rhode Island are currently holding.

New York and Rhode Island seeing the strongest progress, here is a list of states that are seeing some progress. This list is factoring in testing, hospital capacity, and coronavirus rates as of July 1st. Going from west to east: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. The remainder of the United States is seeing no progress or marginal at best.

Researchers indicate that reclosing is part of the reopening process. This cycle is most likely to continue with the reopening, reclosing, and reopening again until a vaccine is made readily available. Reclosing will occur more often in states that are not taking proper precautions to reduce the transmission of the virus. Many people are not physically distancing and are instead going to events and parties. Many folks are also not washing their hands or wearing masks to protect against germs. This, combined with a high number of businesses officially reopening all at once, is making the cases increase on a drastic scale.

Rhode Island and New York, as well as the states listed above, are the safest states to move to. It is also wise to seek further precautions while living in the state. This includes living in a more rural area, not close to any major US city or airport. With proper physical distancing, mask-wearing in public, and washing hands frequently, greatly reduces your chances of contracting the virus. Those with respiratory problems, or those in ill health, should take extra steps to protect themselves. It is strongly recommended that these folks should stay home from shopping and social outings. In turn, this will reduce the chances of contracting and possible hospital admission. If hospital admissions are kept low, the state will have a higher chance of reopening sooner, since the hospital will not be overburdened with high-risk Covid-19 patients.

If possible, stay up-to-date on your state and county Covid-19 rates. Governor and county sheriff Facebook pages will most likely have the most recent information. As well as your county’s public health services page. For emotional health, try to keep in touch with friends and family members. Virtual group meetings, virtual one-on-one gatherings, and phone calls are all great ways to keep in touch. If feasible, you and perhaps a friend or two can get tested for Covid-19, and once results come back negative, you can all enjoy time together playing golf, hiking, biking, fishing, or other outdoor activities. To keep safe, make sure you all are on the same page about physical distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks when in public spaces.

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