Best Places to Move to in Florida During Covid-19

Without a doubt, we are in unparalleled times right now, and many folks are considering moving away from busy areas due to the rise of COVID-19. Major metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles and New York, have struggled to contain the virus due to their area's population. With this list, we will name the Top 10 Best Places to Move to in Florida During Covid-19. We have selected data from an interactive map developed by John Hopkins University, which gives us real-time data of how many cases there are per Florida county at the time of this writing.

1. Liberty County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

490 cases. 7 deaths. Liberty County has about 8,500 people and about 832 square acres of land. It is located in Northwestern Florida below Georgia and Alabama. Liberty County is known for its scenic wildlife and outdoor recreation. Including visiting The Nature Conservancy Apalachicola Bluffs, Torreya State Park-which is perfect for hiking, and Tate's Hell State Forest, which is an ideal spot for camping, fishing, and hunting. This area also has plenty of restaurants, including Apalachee Restaurant, Fiddler's Steamhouse & Oyster bar, and Hungry Howie's Pizza. It also has a great percentage of entrepreneurs, with just about 18% of the county being self-employed. The median home value is a quite affordable $108,000.

2. Glades County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

497 cases. 4 deaths. Glades County is located near Southcentral Florida with a population of about 14,000 people. It spans about 1,000 square miles and it has many activities for folks to enjoy. They have Seminole Brighton Casino, Fisheating Creek, for camping and fishing, and If you are feeling adventurous, they have Gatorama, which is an alligator and crocodile farm. Glades County has a great assortment of restaurants. Such as Ortona Tavern, Crumbs Country Grill, and Grumpy's Pizza Pub. The home value is a very respectable $140,000.

3. Gilchrist County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

502 cases. 12 deaths. Gilchrist County is located in Northcentral Florida with a population of about 20,000 while covering about 400 miles of land. There are many recreational activities folks enjoy. Including Ginnie Springs Outdoors is perfect for camping and scuba diving, a water park, and Gilchrist Park for hunting. It is also home to historic Fort Fanning and J.H. Anderson, JR. Memorial Park. Restaurants that folks often frequent are Moons Rock Bluff, The BBQ shack, Akins BBQ and Elle Cocina. Median home value is about $173,000.

4. Jefferson County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

544 cases. 8 deaths. Jefferson County is located in Northern Florida with a population of about 13,000 people and an area of about 600 square miles. It has a great selection of transportation, including railroads and being the center of about 8 different highways. It is home to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Monticello Opera House, Monticello Ecological Park, and Monticello Vineyards & Winery. Common eating establishments in the area include Brick House Eatery, Carrie Ann & Co and Rev Cafe. The median home value is only about $172,000.

5. Franklin County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

592 cases. 3 deaths. Located on the panhandle in Northern Florida next to the Gulf of Mexico, Franklin County has a little over square miles and a population of about 12,000 people. It has 2 protected areas, 4 barrier islands, and 2 historic sites. Franklin County also has 3 airports, making it a convenient location for travelers. Things to do include visiting Orman House Historic State Park, John Gorrie Museum State Park, St. George Island Lighthouse, and Bald Point State Park, which is full of beaches and exotic birds. Franklin County restaurants include Mangia 850, The Franklin, and Cafe Con Leche. The median home value for this beachtown is about $215,000.

6. Calhoun County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

607 cases. 10 deaths. Calhoun County is located on the panhandle by the Gulf of Mexico, but slightly more north. Calhoun has a local population of about 14,000 residents and 600 square miles of land. It has a great transportation system, with 4 different highways running through. It also has a fantastic library system, with the county being home to 6 libraries. Things to do and see include visiting Panhandle Pioneer Settlement, The Nature Conservancy Apalachicola Bluffs which is great for hiking. It also has a lake and plenty of parks. Restaurant choices include WHAT'S KOOKIN', Shadav's Sweets, and Fiddler's Steamhouse & Oyster bar. The median home value here is about $102,000.

7. Holmes County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

727 cases. 5 deaths. Holmes County is located on the Florida panhandle, bordering Alabama. Holmes County has about 20,000 people and spans about 500 miles. Popular local attractions include Vortext Spring, which has scuba diving and cave diving, visiting Ponce De Leon Springs State Park and Morrison Springs County Park, where folks can hike and fish. Favorite restaurants by the locals include Country Chat & Chew, M & W Smokehouse Barbecue, and Maw Maw's Restaurant. The median home value here is a pretty affordable $112,000.

8. Dixie County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

822 cases. 6 deaths. Dixie county is located in Northern Florida a little below the panhandle. It has a local population of about 17,000 people and it spans 900 square miles. Things to do include exploring the scenic Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, where residents and visitors alike enjoy hunting and fishing. It also has Otter Springs Park & Campground, where folks and their families camp near the Otter Springs River and enjoy picnics throughout the day. They also have a pool for those who would prefer to not swim in the river. Popular restaurant destinations include Momma's Dixie Kitchen, Taste of Dixie Diner and Cypress Inn Restaurant. Median home value here is about $104,000.

9. Hamilton County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

826 cases. 8 deaths. Hamilton County Florida is located in the Northcentral region of the state, with a population of about 15,000 people and 530 miles of land. Popular attractions in Hamilton include Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center, where folks can enjoy walking on trails, crafting, and exploring a museum. It is also home to Big Shoals State Park, which is perfect for hiking and rafting. It also has Suwannee River State Park, which has countless trails and remnants dating back to the Civil War era. Being close to Florida's bordering states of Alabama and Georgia, Hamilton also has a great transportation system, which spans 7 different highways and interstates. Restaurants include The Front Porch Cafe, Lindy's, and Farmhouse Restaurant. The median home value is a rather affordable $105,000.

10. Gulf County Covid-19 Cases / Deaths

865 cases. 14 deaths. Gulf County is harbored in the panhandle of Florida, near the Gulf of Mexico. Its local population is about 14,000 residents and it spans almost 600 miles of land, and almost 200 miles of water. Things for folks to enjoy include T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State, which is a wilderness preserve that has beautiful beaches, scenic views of the water and inland on top of the Cape San Blas Lighthouse, and is home to the St. Joseph Peninsula, a park that is perfect for camping. It also has the Constitution Convention Museum State Park, which is full of local history. Popular restaurants that folks often enjoy include Mr G's Smokehouse & Seafood Grill, Skully's Low Country Boil and Sand Dollar Cafe.The median home value is just under $220,000.

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