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Are you California dreamin' of moving to Los Angeles? If so, you are not alone. It's knows as the destination of would-be actors and writers, but the entertainment sector isn't the only industry in LA. Fashion, biotech, aerospace, and trade employ thousands of people in Los Angeles. In fact, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the two largest ports in America in terms of money. Great job opportunities coupled with fantastic year-round weather draw new residents to Los Angeles every year. If you are planning a move to Los Angeles, here is some information about moving to and living in LA.

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What's the Quality of Life in Los Angeles?

When people think of Los Angeles, they think of sunny skies--and they're not wrong. Los Angeles has 292 days of sun each year and an average temperature of 72 degrees. The city has a reputation for healthy living, so if you like fresh food and an active lifestyle, you will fit right in. LA is known for its farmer's markets and ethnic food scene, for jumping into every fitness fad from yoga to Crossfit, and for easy access to running and hiking. With so much sun, it's hard to find an excuse to stay inside. Outdoor enthusiasts will love to experience LA's many beaches or nearby mountain ranges. Because Los Angeles is such a big city, people are often surprised to learn how much open space there is to get away from the urban sprawl. Of course, the biggest detraction to life in Los Angeles is its infamous traffic. When you move to LA, expect to spend a lot of time sitting in your car, stuck in traffic. The trade off though is easy access to the Pacific Ocean.

Why Choose Stateside Movers for Your Move to Los Angeles?

While there are many moving companies out there, choose Stateside Movers and you will never look back. We take pride in providing a luxury moving experience to all our customers. At Stateside Movers, we believe our people make the difference in providing the highest quality service. That's why we use our own trained, experienced movers throughout your move. Other companies may hire workers by the day, sometimes off CraigsList, but who knows what kind of training or experience they have? By using our own people we can guarantee consistent quality, whether you are moving across town or across America.

Our many positive reviews are the best testament to the quality of our service. Check out our many 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google to see just what our customers are saying about us. In addition to our high ratings, Stateside Movers is an award-winning moving company. We operate several branches in various cities, including Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers in the resort city of Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This branch was voted Best Moving Company in the Idaho Panhandle by IdahosBest.com. Our awards and reviews show just how highly our customers think of us. Read on to learn just what makes Stateside Movers stand out from other moving companies.

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Nationwide Moving to Los Angeles

Moving across the country to Los Angeles may sound like both a dream and a nightmare. The dream, of course, is moving to one of the most famous cities in the world, filled with history, scenery, and fantastic weather. The nightmare can be the actual move. Cross-country moving introduces the potential for so many problems, particularly concerning delays, damage, and lost items. Stateside Movers make every effort to avoid those problems so that your entire experience moving to Los Angeles is a dream.

How do we do it? To start, we use our own team of experienced movers on both ends of your move. By using our own movers, we ensure that you received the same quality service moving out and moving in. At Stateside Movers, we take packing and loading your household very seriously. Our movers take every precaution when packing your household items. We use specialized boxes and materials, such as slotted boxes for stemware and bubble wrap for china and electronics, whenever it is needed. Our movers safeguard your boxes and furniture by using appropriate tools and materials to secure them on the truck.

Another step we take to make your move stress-free is that we dedicate one truck to your move, never sharing it with another household. Many moving companies combine multiple households onto one truck, especially for nationwide moves. Putting the boxes and furniture of multiple households onto one truck saves the moving company time and money, but it's frustrating and inconvenient for the people moving. Items are more likely to be lost or mixed up in transit. Delivery is often delayed because the truck must make multiple stops along the way. No one wants to sit in an empty house, waiting for their furniture, while the truck stops at other homes. Stateside Movers uses just one truck per move to get your items to your new home as quickly and safely as possible.

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