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Affordable Rate Los Angeles Luxury Home Moving

If Los Angeles is becoming too expensive and congested for you, then consider moving Interstate with Stateside Movers. Whether you are moving to nearby Arizona or Nevada, or across the country, Stateside Movers will be there to help every step of the way.

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Affordable Rate Los Angeles Luxury Home Moving

Stateside Movers opened for business in 2018, but we are not a typical moving company. Most notably, our headquarters is award-winning moving company Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers. Although we are based out of Idaho, we have gone through a successful business expansion across many states and locations. Our success has been largely due to our growth in our local communities. Many customers highlight our dedication to hard work, customer service, and safety. Although we are known for moving large/luxury style homes, we can do all kinds of moves. Such as residential and commercial moving, for an example. We understand that moving can be problematic and frustrating, which is why Stateside Movers guarantees you 5-star quality customer service rather you are heading in or out of Los Angeles.

We strive to create a fast, efficient, and hassle-free atmosphere for your move. Our staff is professionally trained and courteous, and we make sure to put the customer first on each move. Each team member goes through an extensive background check and reference checklist before being offered to join us. We make sure to have only the best team workers here at Stateside Movers. We also offer extra moving services, such as a packaging service. With this, we will save you time so you can focus on other aspects of the move, since we will pack and box your items for your convenience. We will also label the boxes for you. On top of that, we offer door and floor protection to keep your home free from dings and scratches.

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Dedicated to Personalized Service and Fast Delivery on an Intersate Move

Throughout the areas we serve, we have been known for our reputation and dedication to quick delivery. Most competitor moving times typically take two to four weeks to transport your belongings to your house, sometimes it may take even longer. We deliver in half that time or less, averaging just three to seven days. You also will not sacrifice the quality of care for speed; we here at Stateside Movers guarantee your items will be scratch and damage-free throughout the entire move.

When it comes to transporting your belongings to your new home, most moving companies use an 18-wheel semi-truck. Normally these trucks stop at warehouses along the route, unload the items for storage, then put them back onto another truck. This pattern of loading and unloading creates instances of theft, damage, and possible loss of your items. We do not feel warehouses are an effective business strategy. Once they are on the truck, they stay on the truck. We do not use semi-trucks at Stateside Movers either. Although semis fare well on shorter moves, they have greater chances of accidents on longer routes. Bad weather, traffic, and twisty roads can make accidents more likely. In turn, this may also cause the trailer to come off and become damaged, potentially ruining the items inside. We here at Stateside Movers use box straights (aka straight trucks) which are statistically safer and faster compared to semi-trucks.

Capped Prices Provide Piece Of Mind

Unlike many moving company competitors, our prices are fixed from the beginning. We do not add on extra or hidden fees after a move has started. We abide by a strict code of business ethics here at Stateside Movers, and we make sure to put the customer first. When it comes to pricing, we can save you thousands on a long distance move compared to national moving lines on a full house move going cross country. Particularly if you are moving a large and luxurious home. We are able to cut costs down due to our low overhead and efficient operations, all while moving your items in half the time compared to competitors.

With these reasons and more, Stateside Movers guarantees you 5-star quality customer service. If you are moving out of Los Angeles, our exceptional attention to detail, safety, and hospitality will give you a stress-free move. Please call or text 1 (800) 292-0164 for a free quote today.

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